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Housing Policies

Cooking in residence halls is prohibited. Residence halls are not designed or equipped for cooking. Hot pots, coffee pots, and hot air popcorn poppers are the only approved cooking appliances in residence halls. Cooking is permitted only in the apartments.

All persons under the age of 18 years are expected to be inside their residence hall after 10pm each night. Additionally, all persons, regardless of age, are not permitted to linger outside campus buildings. 

Furniture from dormitories, bedrooms, and apartments may not be removed, reconfigured, changed, or damaged. All rooms and buildings are inspected before the arrival of a conference group and after the departure of a conference groups, and fees will be assessed as necessary.

Conference Services issues and tracks the OneCard KEYS to all rooms.  Lost keys should be reported to the Conference Services Office.  A lock change will be performed and new keys will be issued.  The guest who lost the key will be charged for the lock change.  Billing will be done by your conference group.

Laundry facilities are available in or near all residence halls. These machines are owned and serviced by an outside company; if the machines malfunction, please call the telephone number listed on the machine.

Lock Outs
During office hours, guests who lock themselves out of their rooms should go to the Conference Services office to be let into their rooms.  Please contact 9310) 338-2975, when the office is closed.  An id and your original OneCard key must be shown to the staff member and the guest must sign the lockout log.  A fee of $10.00 will be assessed each time a guest is locked out.

Lost KEYS (OneCards)
If a room key (known as a OneCard) is lost or stolen, conference guests should go immediately to the Conference Services office during office hours. Please contact the On-Call Staff at 9310) 338-2975 when the office is closed.  An id must be shown to the staff member and the guest must sign the lost key log.  A new OneCard key will be issued and a fee of $13.50 will be assessed each time a key is lost.

Animals are not permitted in residence halls or apartments, with the exception of seeing-eye dogs.

Quiet Hours
Quiet hours are enforced in all residence halls from 8pm until 8am Sunday through Thursday and 10pm until 8am Friday and Saturday. During these designated times, noise from one’s room or apartment should not be audible in the hallways or other people’s rooms and apartments.

Roofs, Balconies, Trellises, and Ledges
For safety reasons, all persons are not allowed on the roofs, balconies, trellises, or ledges at any time.

Room Changes
Room changes can only be granted by the conference contact and with the approval of Conference Services. Switching room keys without permission is not allowed. Conference guests are responsible for the room key and room they are assigned to at check in.

Windows and Screens
For safety and security reasons, persons and objects are not permitted to pass through windows in the residence halls. Removing or tampering with window screens is prohibited.