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Campus Policies

Campus Policies

Possession and consumption of alcohol is permitted only by those individuals of legal age. Persons of the legal age to consume alcohol are responsible for setting a positive example to all minors by discouraging alcohol-related behavior that is abusive to oneself or to others. All persons are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner; drunkenness and public intoxication are unacceptable.

Illegal drugs are never allowed on the LMU campus. All prescribed drugs are to be consumed under the regulations in which they were prescribed.

All conference guests are expected to abide by federal and state laws prohibiting illegal gambling. 

Littering is prohibited on the LMU campus.

Recycling and Trash
Recycling containers are placed on each floor of the all residence halls, near Ahmanson Dining Center, throughout University Hall, and other areas around campus. Gray containers are for paper products and blue containers are for aluminum, glass, plastic, and foam products. Please do not put non-recyclable products in the recyclable containers. All non-recyclable products should be placed in trashcans.

Smoking is permitted only in outside areas, at least 25 feet from all doors and windows of all campus buildings, by those persons of legal age.

Vandalism is prohibited on the LMU campus. Vandalism is defined as acts of malicious mischief as well as willful and wanton damage or destruction of person or University property.