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TIVO & Voicemail


The TiVo service may be accessed through a standard telephone line.* You are responsible for any local or toll charges that you may incur when using a particular dial-in number.

To dial in to TIVO from your University phone line, select the area and dial-in number that you want to use from the list below. Keep in mind local calls are charged as well as toll calls.

Enter the number in the following format: 9 + 1 + (Area Code) + 7 digit number, (comma allows for a pause) + PBN.


Dial-in number

Beverly Hills

(310) 388-1905


(310) 735-0762


(310) 764-1046


(310) 742-1205


(310) 878-3205

Hermosa Beach

(310) 303-9836

Hermosa Beach

(310) 371-1462


(310) 338-9007


(310) 846-0656


(310) 695-2105

Los Angeles West

(310) 397-3820

Los Angeles West

(310) 954-0235


(310) 317-9832


(310) 919-3205

Mar Vista

(310) 862-6105


(310) 750-0037


(310) 798-2172


(310) 421-1305

San Pedro

(310) 507-0686

San Pedro

(310) 507-1506

San Pedro

(310) 513-8684

San Pedro

(310) 872-5105

Santa Monica

(310) 451-1209

Santa Monica

(310) 575-9530

Santa Monica

(310) 907-0094

Santa Monica

(310) 564-8105


(310) 634-1305

West Los Angeles

(310) 943-1305

* If you have a Series2 DT or Series3 HD DVR, you can also connect your DVR to your broadband connection to avoid phone calls altogether. A phone line will be needed only for running Guided Setup.

Tivo Programming Instructions


Students may access their voicemail box from any resident phone by pressing *5 from on-campus or by dialing (310) 338-7000 from off-campus. Prior to student move-in day, all mailboxes will be set to the default password equal to the 5-digit extension of the telephone. Students will receive automated instructions for mailbox setup the first time they access their mailbox.

Basic Operation

Setting Up


Special Considerations

Basic Operation

Voicemail service provides a means by which callers can leave a message in your voicemail "box" if you are unavailable to answer a call. The Voicemail system will automatically answer any call after five rings. If you are on the phone, the call will "camp-on" for the equivalent of five rings, allowing you to answer using the Call Waiting feature before it goes to Voicemail.

Callers who reach your voicemail will then have the option of leaving a private message in either roommate's individual mailbox, or they can leave a message in your shared "main" mailbox which either roommate can access.

To check to see if you have any messages, pick up the handset and you will hear "voicemail, voicemail" several times when there is a message. When the system answers, you will be prompted to enter your "password" followed by # sign. There will be one password for your main mailbox, and each roommate will also have a secret password for their individual mailboxes.

To check for messages in your individual mailbox, press 5#, then enter your secret password. The system tells you how many messages you have and plays the Main Menu. Select 1 to play your messages. After each message you can replay (press 1), save (press 2), or erase the message (press 3). If you wish to check your main mailbox for messages, press * until you are back to the main menu, then follow the system prompts.

Setting Up

When you pick up the handset for the first time, the system will prompt you to set up your mailbox. Your main mailbox password will be the same as your 5-digit campus phone number. When the system requests your password, dial this number and #. You will then hear a tutorial to guide you through all the steps required to set up your main and individual voicemail boxes. During the tutorial you will:

1) Change the password for your main mailbox. Changing your main mailbox password to a number other than your phone extension is strongly advised as the best insurance against others gaining unauthorized access to your mailbox(es). The password may be between four and eight digits in length. Each roommate at that extension should know the main mailbox password.

2) Set up your individual mailboxes. Setting up individual mailboxes within your main mailbox will allow you to receive private messages separately from your roommate(s). Passwords for these mailboxes should be kept private by the individual.

3) Record your main mailbox greeting. The system allows you to replace the default greeting with a personal one recorded in your own voice. The caller will hear this message when they first reach your voicemail. Be sure to indicate that the caller should press 1 if they want to leave a private message for either roommate. If they choose not to leave a private message, they can wait for the tone and leave a message in your main mailbox. Your greeting may last up to 60 seconds.

4) Record your individual mailbox spoken names. After the caller presses 1, the system will prompt them to press another number to leave a message in one of the individual mailboxes. The spoken names recorded here will identify each individual mailbox for the caller. All of the setup operations mentioned above are carried out from the Personal Options menu, which is reached by selecting 9 from the Main menu.

Tips On Using Your Voicemail

You can check your messages even when off campus! Dial 338-7000 from any touch-tone phone. When the system answers, it will ask for your password. Enter either your individual or primary mailbox password. The system will then prompt for your mailbox number. Enter your campus extension and press #. If your mailbox number and password match, you will gain access to your mailbox, just as if calling from your campus phone.

If you are at another on-campus phone and wish to check your messages, dial 87000. When the system answers, follow the directions given above.

If you call someone else and reach their voicemail, you can skip through their personal greeting by pressing #. After the beep, you can immediately begin your message.

Neither you nor the callers to your voicemail box have to listen to all of any prompt before responding. You can begin your next action by pressing a key at any time -- even while a prompt is playing.

To exit from any current operation, press *.

Special Considerations

You are limited to a total of ten new and saved messages at any one time between your main and individual mailboxes. If you reach this limit, subsequent callers will not be able to leave messages until you erase messages from your mailbox(es).

In the interest of preserving system disk storage space, any messages not accessed within ten days or saved for more than ten days will be automatically erased by the system.

Callers can leave messages up to 2 minutes long in your mailbox(es).