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Policies and Procedures



The Business Services Office facilitates telephone service for the student on-campus resident community. (LMU Local & Long-Distance service is currently not available to commuter students.) As a resident in campus housing you are able to make and receive on-campus, local calls, and long distance calls. To make long distance or local calls you must obtain a Personal Billing Number (PBN) from the Business Services Office. If you have any questions or problems concerning your telephone bill, please feel free to call (x82735) or stop by the office in the Von Der Ahe Building, lower level.

Your on-campus telephone services are subject to the following conditions:

  1. Personal Billing Number (PBN)
  2. Billing
  3. Payment
  4. Non-Payment
  5. Prepayment Requirement
  6. Credit Limit
  7. Returned Checks
  8. Replacement Bills
  9. Discontinuing Telephone Service
  10. Fraud
  11. Refund Checks


Each resident wanting to place local and long distance calls from any phone extension on campus will need a PBN (Personal Billing Number). The code is seven digits in length and can be obtained from The Campus Business Services Office with valid University ID. The PBN is similar to a charge card and creates a billing record for each call you place. YOU ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY AND ALL CALLS MADE WITH YOUR PERSONAL BILLING NUMBER. Under no circumstances should the number be given to or shared with anyone.


Telephone bills are generated monthly around the 15th. Upon completion an email will be sent to the LION email account. It is the student's responsibility to notify the Business Services Office if they have not received an email by the 18th of each month. Payments are due in full by the next billing cycle, generally the day before the next bill processing date, except when your balance is:

  • Negative (-). Credit exists and will be applied toward the next bill.
  • Less than $5. Charges will roll over onto the next bill.


Payment may be made by the following methods:

    1. By check, cashier's check, or money-order mailed to: Loyola Marymount University, One LMU Dr, MS8323, Los Angeles CA 90045-2659. All checks should be made payable to LMU and always include your university ID number. We do NOT accept third party checks.
    2.  In person at the Business Services Office, Von Der Ahe Building, lower level during regular business hours. Checks. credit & debit cards, and "Flexi" dollars accepted.


Accounts that are not current by the due date, will have the PBN disconnected and a $15.00 re-connection fee will be assessed to restore service. Should the bill not be paid in full by the second billing cycle from the original bill, the account will be sent to Student Accounts, and ALL charges will be subject to the normal collection practices and collection fees described in the University Catalog by Student Accounts. If your service is interrupted twice within an academic school year, all phone service will be on a prepay basis (See Below).


Students who have had their service deactivated twice within the academic year for late or non-payment, will be required to prepay their telephone bill to receive service. Students will be able to deposit an amount based on their estimated monthly telephone usage with the Business Services office. When their usage reaches the prepaid amount, their PBN will be deactivated and additional payments will be required to continue service.


A credit limit of a $150.00 has been established for each student's monthly telephone charges. This means that if you surpass this limit, your Personal Billing Number (PBN) will not allow additional calls to be placed until your bill is paid in full. (Should you require a higher limit, contact the Business Services Office.) The following rules will apply for higher limit accounts:

  • A deposit will be required to extend the limit.
  • The deposit is not available to cover payments.
  • Your monthly charges will still need to be paid in full each month in a timely manner.
  • Please note that you may check your balance at any time by calling x82735 or by going on-line to the Telephone Billing web portal at


All returned checks will be charged a $25 service fee. All future payments must be in the form of cashiers check, money order or Flexi-Dollars. Personal checks will no longer be accepted.


Replacement or additional copies of telephone bills can be obtained at the Business Service Office for a charge of $1.00 per bill. However, these can also be printed through the telephone billing Customer Portal at no charge.


Students who wish to discontinue phone service MUST come into the Business Services Office to complete the Cancellation form. You will be responsible for all charges up to the date the Cancellation form is completed and received by the Business Services Office.


Keep in mind that a PBN is similar to a charge card. Students are responsible for all charges related to that PBN number. Under no circumstances should the PBN be given to or shared with anyone.

This office will prosecute anyone found guilty of abuse and/or fraudulent use of telephone services and equipment. This includes the obtaining, or attempting to obtain, or assisting another to obtain long distance or message unit telecommunications services by rearranging, tampering with, or making connection with any facilities of the telephone service, including wiring, with intent to avoid payment of the regular charge for such services.


Any refunds will be issued on separation from the University in accordance with the Student Account policy and procedure.