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Please note the following changes in procedure for the payment and processing of the April and May 2008 student telephone bills.

1. The April bill will be processed on April 15, as normal. Last day to make payment via the web portal for all resident students is May 11, 2008.  Payments made by Flexi or checks are due May 9, 2008 by close of business day in person in the Business Services office, St. Robert’s Annex.

2. PBNs will be deactivated on Monday, May 12, 2008 for all April bills not paid by Sunday, May 11, 2008.

3. March bills (PBNs already deactivated in April) not paid by Sunday, May 11, 2008 will be sent to Student Accounts for all students.

4. May bills for returning students will be processed on May 12, 2008. May bills are due June 13, 2008. Normal payment and deactivation policies apply. No exceptions for Study Abroad, vacations, etc. Please be sure to arrange for payment if you will be away.

5. ***Graduating Seniors***

       A.  After the bill is processed on May 12, all seniors’ accounts will be deactivated and sent to Student Accounts regardless of the amount owed, including any refunds and those with less than $5.00 balances. NO BILL IS SENT TO STUDENTS. PAYMENT FOR THE MAY BILL IS TO BE MADE THROUGH STUDENT ACCOUNTS.

       B.  Exceptions – there are some students that are denoted as “Senior” (that ‘walked’) yet are staying in Campus Housing during the summer and/or are returning for Fall semester to complete remaining required classes. These students must contact the Campus Business Services office to have their account reinstated as “Active” and will then follow normal guidelines for bill payment, i.e., if they owe the reconnect fee, they have to pay that before their PBN is reinstated.

Please contact the Campus Business Services office with any questions: 310-338-2735.