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Equipment and Services

Policies, procedures, and guides for the use of your Residence Hall Telephone.

Emergency Numbers & Harassing Calls

Calling Restrictions

Telephone Equipment Services & Policy

Telephone Features

Emergency Numbers & Harassing Calls


Loyola Marymount University Public Safety Office 222

Police or Fire Department Emergency 9-911

Please give the following Information when making an emergency call (ALWAYS inform Public Safety of the 911 call):

The nature of the emergency.

Your exact location

Your name

The telephone number from which you are calling

If you should receive a malicious, obscene, or harassing call, notify your Resident Advisor or the campus Judicial Officer at your earliest opportunity.

WARNING: Telephone harassment is a Federal offense.




This manual is intended to give you a comprehensive guide to LMU's student telephone, voicemail and associated services. (Student Billing Information can be found at the Telephone Billing Page.)

Conventions Used In This Guide

Feature buttons on the phone are shown with brackets, e.g. [HOLD].
Keypad buttons are shown in boldface, e.g. #*120.
(The * and # keys are to the left and the right of the number 0 on your keypad. These are normally referred to as the "star" and "pound" keys.)

Before You Do Anything Else

Verify your telephone number! You can do this by picking up the receiver and dialing #*113. The telephone system will respond with the correct five-digit campus extension number for your telephone, which always begins with "8". These are also the last five digits of your complete phone number, which starts with "56". The area code for your phone number is "424". So your phone number will be 424-568-xxxx. 

Calling Restrictions

Your LMU service allows you to make and receive all types of direct dial and operator-assisted calls except for the following instances:

1) Calls to 900 and 976 numbers are restricted throughout the University telephone system.

2) Calling card or operator-assisted calls may NOT be charged back to your University telephone number.

2) You may NOT accept incoming collect calls.

In the event that Pacific Bell or any other telephone company inadvertently processes these types of calls, a $10 special handling charge will be assessed for each occurrence on your telephone bill, in addition to the actual charges for the call.

Telephone Equipment Services & Policies

A telephone jack with activated service is provided for each room. LMU will make every effort to keep your telephone equipment in good working order. Repair services will normally be provided at no additional charge. However, should the service problem be due to deliberate abuse, removal from the wall or any other misuse of the equipment, charges will be levied both for the labor cost of the repair, and for the replacement cost of the equipment. Please help us serve you better by treating your equipment with care and consideration.

Analog Buildings

All buildings are equipped with analog service. Residents must bring their own phone. FAX machines as well, may be used in analog buildings. It is strongly recommended that phones with 2.4 mghz not be used.  These have poor connectivity due to the wireless network installed in the residence halls. Students are encouraged to purchase telephone equipment of choice at local retailers or the LMU Bookstore. Information Technology Services will maintain the telephone lines but is unable to support individual telephones.

Telephone Features For Analog Buildings

Voicemail Access
Lift handset. Listen for dial tone Press *5, dial 87000 or press the [Access] button. (Detailed voicemailInstructions)

Call Waiting
While on a call, you will hear a beep indicating an incoming call. To switch to the incoming call, press the [Flash] button on your telephone. You will hear the system say "Enter, Enter", press *4 to place the first call on hold. Hang up. Your phone will ring. Lift handset to speak to the second caller. To switch between the two calls, press [Flash] then *4.

Call Forwarding ON
Lift handset. Listen for dial tone Press *2. You will hear two beeps. Dial the 5 digit extension to which you want to send your calls. You will hear two beeps to confirm the operation. If your phone is forwarded, you will hear the system say "Forward, Forward" when you lift the handset. (Remember that if you forward your phone to another extension you cannot pick up incoming calls from that phone until you turn the forwarding feature OFF.)

Call Forward OFF
Lift handset. Listen for dial tone Press #2.

Call Transfer
While on the phone, you may press [Flash] then *1 to transfer the caller to another extension. You will hear two beeps to confirm the operation. Dial the 5-digit extension to which you want to send the call. Once you hear the extension ringing, you may hang up OR wait for the person to answer, announce the transferred call, then hang up.

2-Way Calling
Lift handset. Listen for dial tone Dial a call as you would normally. With the party on the line, press the [Flash] button then *1. Dial the 5-digit extension you wish to add to the conversation. Wait for the party to pick up the line, then press the [Flash] button then #1 to join the two calls.

Speed Dialing - Storing a Number
Lift handset. Listen for dial tone Press #4*. Press the digit (1-9) to which you want to store the number. Dial a 5-digit extension to memorize. You will hear two beeps to confirm the operation.

Speed-Dialing - Calling a Stored Number
Lift handset. Listen for dial tone Press #4. Press the digit (1-9) where you stored the number.

Own Number Playback
Lift handset. Listen for dial tone Press #*113. The system will verbally give you the number of the phone you are using.

Last Number Redial
Lift handset. Listen for dial tone Press #9 to redial the last off-campus call made from that phone.

(NOTE: If your telephone does not have a Flash button, you may accomplish the same function by pressing and releasing the hang-up hook.)