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Yellow Cab

How it works.

All passengers ride for the price of one when going to the same location. 
To request a cab ... call 877-733-3305.
Always tell the driver you are using your LMU OneCard!

Follow the check list below and you should be ready to go!

Is your OneCard Flexi balance at least $100?
LMU recommends that you have at least a $100 minimum balance in your Flexi account so that you have the funds available for your return trip. To check your balance or deposit funds online for immediate use visit and click on "Manage Your Account".

How many people are in your party? How do I tip?
All passengers ride for the price of one! Tell the dispatch operator how many people are in your party and have your location for pick-up ready. A 15% gratuity is automatically included in your fare when using your OneCard.

Ready to request your cab?
Call (877) 733-3305. Tell the dispatch operator your pick-up location, how many people in your party and that you are using your LMU OneCard, and ask for the dispatch operator's name.

Where are the pick-up locations on the LMU Campus?
    > By the flagpoles in front of University Hall
    > By the flagpoles in front of Alumni Mall.
    > At the "Circle" Parking Lot O between Rains and Leavys 4 & 6
    > Parking Lot H behind Del Rey N & S.

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