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LMU Cablevision

LMU CableVision supports the current Digital and HD transmission modes to provide the best viewing experience to our campus resident. LMU recommends students bring later model TV's that are digital and have capabilities to receive our cable three digit channel line-up. Quality later model Televisions have built in tuners which will allow both digital and analog reception and are energy efficient.

CablevisionOffice Information:
Phone: (310) 338-7777


LMU has added Sportsnet (the Lakers network) to our cable television system.  This is now on channel 70.1.  You will need to scan the channels again to be able to receive it.  Please follow the steps from your televisions manufacturer.   Make sure that you are using ‘Cable’ and notAntenna’ or ‘Over the Air’.

Time Warner Cable SportsNet is a regional sports network that serves the Los Angeles area. The network is owned and operated by the Southern California division of Time Warner Cable, with the Los Angeles Lakers maintaining editorial control over the content, including team-assigned reporters and anchors, as well as team-related programming.

Lakers game broadcasts will serve as the centerpiece of the network and are the exclusive home of all Lakers games that aren't aired nationally. Other sports content will include Los Angeles Sparks basketball and Los Angeles Galaxy soccer.


For questions regarding your cable TV, click here.

Below is a list of the current channels available on LMU Cablevision. All "dot" channels (e.g. 4.1, 53.1 etc.) are digital channels. All channels 2-13 are OTA (over the air) digital channels. Channels 57.1 - 67 are HD channels. To see what's playing now click here for interactive listings.

 CH 2 CBS       CH 45 DISNEY XD 
 CH 2.1 CBS      CH 53.1 HBO 2  
 CH 3 LMU  Channel Guide    CH 53.2 HBO SIG  
 CH 4 NBC      CH 53.3 HBO FAMILY  
 CH 4.1 NBC      CH 53.4 F X  
 CH 4.2 CA NONSTOP     CH 53.5 USA   
 CH 5 KTLA      CH 53.6 TBS   
 CH 5.1 KTLA      CH 53.7 AMC
 CH 5.2 ANTENNA      CH 53.8 A & E 
 CH 5.3 THIS TV     CH 54.1 BBC   
 CH 6 LMU ROAR    TV  CH 54.2 SPIKE  
 CH 7 ABC      CH 54.3 HISTORY   
 CH 7.1 ABC      CH 54.4 CNN   
 CH 7.2 LIVE WELL     CH 54.5 FOX NEWS  
 CH 7.3 LIVE WELL     CH 54.6 MSNBC   
 CH 8 LMU      CH 54.7 ABC FAMILY  
 CH 9.1 KCAL      CH 55.1 MTV   
 CH 10 LMU Bulletin Board    CH 55.2 VH 1  
 CH 11 KTTV FOX     CH 55.3 HGTV   
 CH 11.1 KTTV FOX     CH 55.4 SCI FI  
 CH 13 MY13      CH 55.5 TOON   
 CH 20 KOCE      CH 55.6 FOOD   
 CH 21 TWC      CH 55.7 E!   
 CH 22 TDC      CH 55.8 TRUE   
 CH 23 KCET      CH 56.1 TLC   
 CH 24 BLOOM      CH 56.2 COMEDY   
 CH 25 KMEX      CH 56.3 BET   
 CH 26 FOX W     CH 56.4 TRAVEL   
 CH 27 FOX W2     CH 56.5 NBC SPORTS  
 CH 28 ESPN      CH 56.6 CBS SPORTS  
 CH 29 ESPN 2     CH 56.7 GOLF   
 CH 30 ESPN NEWS     CH 56.8 ESPN U  
 CH 32 NFL      CH 58.1 ESPN 2 HD 
 CH 33 MTV U     CH 59.1 FOX SPORTS HD 
 CH 34 MTV 2     CH 60.1 FOX SPORTS 2 HD
 CH 35 NICK      CH 61.1 NFL HD  
 CH 36 LIFETIME      CH 62.1 NBA HD  
 CH 37 OWN      CH 63.1 TNT HD  
 CH 38 GAME      CH 64.1 BRAVO HD  
 CH 39  CHN      CH 65.1 DISCOVERY HD  
 CH 40 ANIMAL      CH 66.1 HBO WEST HD 
 CH 41 TV LAND     CH 67.1 DISNEY HD  
 CH 42 C-SPAN      CH 68.1 FX HD