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Door Access

Door access to Onity/Tesa locks (hotel style "dip locks") is handled by:

       * Housing for student and all on-campus residence rooms.
       * Facilities Lockshop for all other LMU doors that are not residences. To contact the locksmith in Facilities, place a work order vial by clicking on Facilities Request Form. If SchoolDude requests an Organization # enter 637241338.

The Campus Business Services/OneCard office cannot Add, Change, or Delete access to Onity locks. CBS can only re-encode your OneCard with access that has been pre-assigned by one of the offices listed above.

Campus Business Services issues University ID's and/or performs door access encoding changes in-person as a means of maintaining a high level of campus and cardholder security with the intention of protecting the cardholder's access privileges, authenticating the individuals cardholder descriptive information, and insure there are no known unauthorized activities associated with the OneCard. Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the the Associate Vice President of Business Services, Senior VP, or CFO 48 hours prior to requesting a University OneCard issuance or cardholder service changes by proxy.