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Campus Dining Services

provides food and catering services for the Loyola Marymount community. Offices are located in Malone Hall.

-Summer Service Hours
-Submit a Customer Satisfaction Evaluation Form
-Catering Service Testimonials
-LA Public Health Facility  Status- Current Facilities Rating A
        -NSF Rating Lair 
        -NSF Rating Roski Dining
        -NSF Rating Lions Corner Cafe
-LMU National Brand Retail Operations 
        -Starbucks Proudly Serve- Jamba Juice - Coffee Bean Tea Leaf Summer 2014
        -Jazzman, Green Mountain, Illy Specialty Coffees
        -Wow Cafe Wingery, Homeboy Bakery Bread, MSC Sustainable Seafood,
-Meal Plans
-Frequently Asked Questions