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Business Policies and Services

-Preferred Local Hotels Rate
-OfficeMax- Save Budget Dollars on Discounted Supply Purchasing 
        -Contact Office Max Customer Service
-Coffee and Water Refreshment Service
-Cell Phone Policy refer to MYLMU to access
-LA Living Wage:
-Fair Trade Coffee Supplier Policy
- No Sweat Shop Policy- Labor Practice Code
-Vendor Merchant Policy
-Music Copyright Licensing- SESAC, BM
-ATM Locations 
        -Wells Fargo Bank - ECO- Friendly UHALL Main Elevator Lobby
        -Bank Of America - ECO- Friendly Malone Hall - Westside of Lair Marketplace
        -University Credit Union- St. Roberts Annex- near One Card Office
-Rental Car Discounts- Enterprise and National Car Rental Rates
-JourneyEd - Educational Discount Computer Software. For Discounts, click here.

-Contact Auxiliary Businses Services at