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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the legal governing body of the University. The board has ultimate responsibility for the educational, physical, and financial well-being of the University, as well as for its preservation and advancement as a leader in Catholic higher education. The board is composed of prominent lay persons, members of the Society of Jesus, and members of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary and Sisters of Saint Joseph of Orange.

2013-2014 Trustees

Kathleen Hannon Aikenhead, Chair
Gerald T. Cobb, S.J., Secretary

Robert J. Abernethy
William H. Ahmanson
Rita Arthur, R.S.H.M.
James R. Belardi
David W. Burcham, President
Edward J. Carpenter ‘67
Alex Martin Chaves ‘86
Gerald T. Cobb, S.J.
Rudy F. deLeon, Jr. ‘74
David S. DeVito
Karen J. Dial
Norean V. Dreier
Kathleen M. Duncan
Mary Genino, R.S.H.M.
Thomas V. Girardi `61, JD `64
Gregory M. Goethals, S.J.
Mary Elizabeth Ingham, C.S.J. ’73, ‘81
Nelly Llanos Kilroy
Joseph M. Knott ‘74
Daniel K. Lahart, S.J.
Edward A. Landry
Deborah H. Lanni
Michael A. Lawson '75
Cecilia A. Magladry, C.S.J.
Gerdenio Manuel, S.J.
Michael C. McCarthy, S.J.
Hon. John V. Meigs, JD `78
Edison K. Miyawaki, M.D.
William H. Muller, S.J.
Gregory J. O’Meara, S.J.
Stephen F. Page `62, JD `68
Joan A. Payden
Timothy G. Psomas ‘62
Michael P. Rudinica `75, MSE `79
Robert J. Sclabassi, M.D. ‘62
Michael R. Steed ‘71, JD ‘74
Markos I. Tambakeras MBA ‘78
Rosemary L. Turner ‘84
Walter F. Ulloa, Esq. JD ‘75
Paul S. Viviano
Robert T. Walsh, S.J.
Laura D. Williamson ‘74
David J. Zuercher ‘68

Trustee Emeriti

Margaret F. Jagels, Trustee Emerita
R. Chad Dreier `69, Chair Emeritus