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Board of Regents

The Board of Regents was instituted in 1973 following the merger of Loyola University and Marymount College. The board serves as the university-wide planning and advisory board charged with the responsibility to provide counsel to the president, senior university administration, and others designated by the president. For more information, contact Heidi Connolly, Director of Strategic Stewardship and Board Relations.

2014-2015 Regents
Michael P. Rudinica ’75, MSE ’79, Chair
Kathryn E. Nielsen
’76, Vice Chair

Laura A. Aguirre ’02
Donald G. Alvarado ’77
Thomas P. Beck ’73, JD ’77
Diana Casares Bell ’81, JD ’91
Michael A. Boschetto
Marsha L. Brown ’72
Ronald C. Brown
Patrick J. Cain ’79
Basil P. Caloyeras ’99
Mary M. Chambers ’82, JD ’86
Janice K. Clifford
Hon. Stephen L. Cooley
Dorothy A. Courtney
Martha C. de la Torre ’78
Michelle X. Dean ’84
Kathleen G. Desmond ’71
Kedric D. Dines ’86
Steven J. Dzida ’71, JD ’74
Kristi V. Frey ’90
Javier R. Guerena ’62
Henry K. Jordan ’78
Albert G. Kading ’72
Robert D. Kerslake ’58
Kevin T. Knight
Richard H. Koppes ’68
Jovana M. Lara-Brooks ’88
Rene B. LaVigne ’83
Thomas M. McGee '89
Katherine Wilson Moret ’73
John G. Moutes ’68, MSE ’71
Peter J. Nelson

Thomas J. Nolan '71, JD '75
Ronald A. Okum
Joseph P. Page ’75, MBA ’79
Janice A. Pipkin
Anne H. Pomeroy MA ’80
Delia M. Roges ’85
Michael M. Rue ’73, JD ’76
Renata C. Simril ‘93
Maria S. Salinas '87
Yvonne Hernandez Slaught ’81
Donald W. Steiner '88
Donald P. Tarantino 
Julie Rollofson Teel

Click here for Regent Emeriti.