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Discover the Campus: LionCams

Unparalleled Vistas from the Bluffs.
Overlooking the Pacific Ocean to the west and the outline of the Los Angeles skyline to the east, the Loyola Marymount University campus has unique views of the culture, traditions, and business taking place every day in Southern California.  Commanding a presence over Sunken Garden and the Alumni Mall, the Sacred Heart Chapel creates a focal point on the Upper Campus.  The residence buildings and University Hall on the new Leavey Campus push toward the horizon.

Undeniably, the University is one of the nation's most beautiful campuses to learn, teach, research and live.  The LionCams provide an opportunity for visitors to experience a glimpse of this beauty.  You are invited to take a real-time "peek" in our windows by viewing our live web cameras, dubbed "lioncams."