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For Work Study Supervisors

How to Create a New Position
To create a new position an employer should contact Student Employment Services and obtain a job description form. The job description form should be filled out as accurately as possible. Based on the information in the job description a pay rate will be assigned to students working in that position.

How To Advertise a Position
To advertise a position, employers must contact Student Employment Services at 338-7606. Positions will be posted until the employer informs SES that it no longer needs to be advertised.  Open vacancies will posted on Lion Jobs.

SES holds a job fair at the beginning of each academic year. Supervisors are invited to attend this event to recruit students to fill various positions in their departments. Information will be distributed to every department regarding the job fairs and R.S.V.P will be required for attendance.

Instructions on Hiring New Students
It is important to verify that each student is eligible to work through an award or workstudy program . All students must complete a file with our office that includes tax forms, employment eligibility form and work history form. A Student Employment Authorization form must also be completed with job information and signature from both the supervisor and student. The Student Employment Authorization form must be renewed every Fall and Summer. All documents must be received by our office before the student gets paid. Please encourage your student employees to double check that all areas are completed correctly as any errors may interfere with reception of pay.

Students are responsible for submitting their hours via E-Time by 5:00 pm on the posted deadline for the pay period. Supervisors must also approve their student’s time cards no later than 5:00 pm on the day the timecard is due. Late time cards submitted after the deadlinewill be processed for the following pay period and payment will be delayed, no exceptions.  Payment may also be delayed for time cards that are incorrect or incomplete. 

Students should keep the following in mind when creating a work schedule and completing a timecard:

1. Students must take at least a half hour break when working more than six consecutive hours.
2. Students may not work more than eight hours per day and no more than 20 hours per week during enrollment periods.
3. Supervisors should keep in mind that they are responsible for verifying the students working hours.

If a student misses a pay period, they may fill out and submit a printed copy of their ETime timecard to SES.

Tracking Students' Depleting Funds - Departmental Reports
It is extremely important for supervisors to keep track of their student's available funds. A departmental report will be issued semi-monthly via Metaviewer. This report will give an overview of the status of the student in terms of available funds. Once a student has used their entire award they must stop working immediately. Any hours that exceed the amount of funds provided will become the department's responsibility.  

Returning Student Employees
If a student is returning to a position they must fill out a Student Employment Authorization Form. Student Employment Authorization Forms must be completed every Fall and Summer. Pay rates increase for returning students after a year of employment.