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Faculty Expand LMU’s Reach with International Trips

flags Two delegations of Loyola Marymount University faculty members have raised the university’s international profile on trips made last summer to Uruguay and Italy. Planned trips by faculty to Cuba and South Africa in the coming summer will further strengthen ties with overseas universities.

“We are internationalizing the LMU curriculum,” said Cheryl Grills, associate dean of Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts and coordinator of the efforts to connect with overseas universities. “Our students and faculty will definitely benefit from the multi-lens perspective that comes from expanding our cultural horizons.”

The delegations met with faculty at Universidad Católica de Uruguay in Montevideo, Uruguay, and Lorenzo de Medici University in Florence, Italy. The professors who went to Uruguay represented the Departments of Sociology, Psychology, and Modern Languages and Literature. The Italian delegation consisted of professors from Theological Studies, Modern Languages and Literature, Art and Art History and Jewish Studies.

“The trip to Montevideo went really well,” said Anna Muraco, associate professor of sociology. “We met with several of the faculty at UCU and they were eager to set up a collaboration.”

The connections are subject driven, said David Rogoff, administrative assistant for the Bioethics Institute and who assists Grills with the logistics of coordinating schedules and travel arrangements.

Some of the professors who took the trip are now modifying their courses to incorporate cooperation with a professor overseas and others are developing new courses that will include travel to the other campuses.

“I’m developing a course for spring 2014 for LMU students to conduct oral histories with older adults in conjunction with students at UCU,” Muraco said. The course, by incorporating a global perspective, will give LMU students an opportunity for hands-on sociological research.

The planned trip to Cuba will include faculty from Psychology, Urban Planning, Theology, History, and School of Film and Television.

The international outreach complements the full offering of Study Abroad courses and the several courses that incorporate travel or an international component, such as the Jewish Studies summer course in Poland, the Asia and Pacific Studies’ course in media taught at LMU and via Internet in Abu Dhabi by Tom Plate, Distinguished Scholar of Asian and Pacific Studies, and the Berlin and Prague programs in the School of Film and Television.