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About the Waitlist

Some students who are not guaranteed housing will not receive an appointment time based on the results of the drawing. These students will be automatically placed on a waitlist according to their individual priority number drawn and will be assigned to on-campus housing as soon as a space becomes available. If these students decide that they no longer want on-campus housing, they must fill out the "Request to Cancel Housing" form found in Student Housing Online Services via MyLMU. If a Non-Guaranteed student cancels before he/she is assigned housing, the $400 processing fee may be credited to his/her student account. 

Non-Guaranteed students who do not receive a Room Selection appointment time will be placed on a waitlist for student housing according to their individual priority number from the drawing. They will NOT be placed according to the lowest group number. When space becomes available to students on the waitlist, it is for one individual at a time. Therefore, it is important that students are kept as individuals and not groups on the waitlist.

The waitlist is maintained throughout the summer. Students are assigned to housing from the waitlist as space becomes available. The $400 processing fee can be credited to a student's account if they cancel from the waitlist before being assigned on-campus housing. In order to cancel from the waitlist, students will need to complete the "Request to Cancel Housing" form found in Student Housing Online Services via MyLMU. Once a room assignment is made, the $400 fee cannot be refunded for any reason. Also, keep in mind that there is a cancelation deadline of 30 days prior to the start of the fall semester. Students are not able to cancel their housing assignments after the cancelation deadline and will be obligated to the full housing charges for the academic year. Please complete the "Request to Cancel Housing" form found in the Forms section of Student Housing Online Services to request to cancel your housing assignment and/or placement on the waitlist.