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Draw Your Number

The Priority Number dictates whether a student is able to select a room during Room Selection and if eligible, what time he/she can select a room. Every student who completes the application process will need to draw a number in the Priority Drawing. Guaranteed and non-guaranteed students will draw from separate sets of numbers. To draw your number, you must log back in to the online application during the available dates. Remember, each student must draw his/her own number.  Also keep in mind that the numbers are drawn at random, so drawing earlier does not improve your odds. If you do not draw a priority number, a number higher than those used in the Priority Drawing will be assigned to you by the Student Housing Office.

Results from the drawing will be available by 12PM on March 16th in Student Housing Online Services. All students with a Guaranteed status who completed the application process will receive an appointment time based on the number drawn in the Priority Drawing (or the number assigned to them by Student Housing if they did not draw a number). How early your appointment time is will be based on the lowest number drawn by any member of your roommate group. All continuing students with a Non-Guaranteed status who completed the application process will either receive an appointment time based on their group's lowest number or will be placed on the waitlist according to their individual number. You can return to your online application to find out your appointment time for Room Selection or your number on the waitlist.