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Choose Your Roommate Group

All students going through the Housing Selection Process are required to be part of a roommate group. A roommate group may consist of one, two or four students of the same gender who all share the same guarantee status. You are only able to form groups with students of the same guarantee status. Share your roommate pairing number with the designated group leader since he/she will need to enter these numbers on the online application to create the group. You may enter the process alone, but you will have limited options when choosing a room during Room Selection. We encourage you to find at least one roommate.

Creating a Roommate Group

In order to form a group, each person must have started his/her online application. One person from the group should be identified as the group leader and will create the group in his/her application. The group leader will add students to the group by entering their name and Roommate Pairing Number into the online application. The Roommate Pairing Number can be found on the step of the online application titled "Personal Information" or on the upper right hand corner of Student Housing Online Services via MyLMU. Using this number rather than other personal identifiers, like your student ID number, helps safeguard your privacy. Avoid sharing your pairing number with anyone other than your chosen roommate(s) since anyone with your pairing number will be able to add you to their group. Once a group is established, the group leader must verify the group in order to finalize the group. The roommate group will be permanently established in the application system once the leader verifies the group. The other members who log in after the creation of the group will find that they are already in the roommate group created by the group leader and must then complete the online application. If for any reason you would like to request a change to an established group, you may remove yourself from a group through the online application.  No changes can be made to roommate groups past the application deadline of 5:00 PM on Tuesday, March 6th.

If you would not like to participate in the Selection Process with roommates, you may create a group of one. In order to do so, you must designate yourself as the group leader and verify your group.

Try to Form a Group of Four

Most of the housing for continuing students at LMU is designed for four students. Both suites and apartments allow two students to share a room with each other and a bathroom or common area with two additional students. We encourage all applicants to form a group of four roommates before entering the Housing Selection Process. In fact, your group size significantly impacts your odds during the priority drawing since the lowest number drawn by any group member becomes the group’s priority number. A group of four people will have four chances to draw a lower number, instead of two chances with two people, and one chance for a person who enters alone. Additionally, a group of four students may be able to choose a room earlier than groups of one and groups of two.

Be Honest With Your Prospective Roommates

When deciding on roommates, be honest with one another about whether you share some common preferences and living habits. Doing this will lead to more successful roommate relationships. Your roommates do not have to be your best friends and good friends do not always make good roommates. You may want to take the opportunity to live with someone who may help you expand your horizons or learn about another culture. Once you have someone in mind, your RA can help you obtain a copy of a roommate agreement, which you can fill out early and revisit when you move in together in the fall.

Group Leader

The first group member to create the roommate group in the online application becomes the group leader. The group leader is responsible for the other members to the group. To add the other members to the group, the group leader will need to enter the roommate pairing numbers of all the group members into their application and then verify the group to make it final. If a group member logs in to his/her application, he/she will see that he/she is part of a group. The group leader is the only person who can choose a room for the entire roommate group during Room Selection.

Tips for Creating a Group

If you are having trouble creating a group, please review the following items to create a group properly:
  • Ensure that you are entering the first name, last name, and Roommate Pairing Number into the correct field.
  • Ensure that you are correctly spelling the first name and last name and correctly inputting the Roommate Pairing Number.
  • You should not include an extra space at the end.
  • Ensure that all students have at least started the online application.
  • Ensure that all students in the group have the same gender and are the same guarantee status.
  • All students in a group should either have a guarantee status of "guaranteed" or "non-guaranteed."
  • Ensure that you are not yet in a group.
  • If a student is in another group, that student will need to remove themselves from the group they are in and/or delete the group so that a group leader can add them to the desired roommate group.