Workshops Untitled Document LMU CDS


Career Exploration


  • Overview of CDS - Brief overview of the resources/services that CDS offers
  • Resume - Assistance with developing a strong resume to gain employment
  • Interviewing - Tips and techniques for successful interviewing
  • Networking - Discussion and activities to help students see the importance of networking in their job search
  • Job Search - Strategies (Discussion of the various ways to search for jobs
  • Internships - Tips on finding and making the most of internships
  • Discover Your Strengths - Identify students’ natural talents and how they can maximize those to be successful
  • Graduate School Planning - Discuss tips/steps involved in planning for graduate and professional schools
  • Personality Styles - Determine what your personality type is and how that connects to your Career Development
  • OCR Orientation - Get all your questions answered about the On Campus Recruiting program
  • Student Employment Orientation - Learn all that you need to know about working on campus at LMU