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Find a Roommate Online

Are you looking to find a person to make a group of 2 or complete your group of 4? There is a new resource the Student Housing Office has created to help you find compatible roommates.

Through MyLMU Connect, students belong to an organization called Student Housing. When a student logs in to MyLMU, s/he will see this organization in the navigation bar on the right. Click on the organization name to access the tools inside. Through this system students can do 3 things:

  • Create a blog about her/himself that can be viewed by other members of the group. It is encouraged that students include information that will help create successful roommate matches. Consider including information such as gender, class level, major(s) and minor(s), sleeping habits, study habits, hobbies and interests. Once the blog is created, be sure to check the blog daily for any updates and new postings.
  • Read and respond to blogs written by others in the group. Students can read what others have written about themselves and, if interested, respond to their blog to begin a conversation about living together. Be sure to check the posts daily for any updates and new postings.
  • Send an email from her/his LION email address to another student’s LION email address. Students can view all members of the group to see if they recognize the name of someone they know or who has a compatible blog entry, and then email those students to talk about the possibility of forming a roommate group.

To access these resources in MyLMU Connect, please follow these steps. Log in to MyLMU, click on System Logins and select MyLMU Connect from the dropdown menu. In the navigation bar on the right, students will see that they belong to an organization called Student Housing. Click on the link and it will redirect to the Welcome page.  From the Welcome page, students can learn more about what is offered in this system and how to join a group to begin using the blog tool and the email tool.

The groups are designated by a student’s housing status, guaranteed and non-guaranteed. Guaranteed students are current first-year students who currently live on campus and want to live on campus for their sophomore year. Rising juniors and seniors, students who transferred to LMU this school year, and students who live off campus this year are all non-guaranteed. Students should only join the group that correlates to their housing guarantee status because roommate groups can only be formed by students of the same guarantee status.

Please check back often to see new blogs, postings, and updates.