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The women of Loyola Marymount University embody the mission and the purpose of the university – fulfillment of the entire person.

In this spirit, the Women’s Leadership Council exists to further advance the involvement and leadership of women at all levels of the university. WLC@NYC embraces this spirit and will carry the proud WLC tradition of female strength and leadership to the New York tri-state area, supporting the university by increasing the visibility of women and provide advocacy for philanthropic issues.

The Women’s Leadership Council increases the involvement and visibility of women in leadership roles at the university and in our broader, national community.

Members determine how and where funds will be invested. As our WLC@NYC circle of members grow, so does our ability to further leverage the power of women to support university initiatives.

As a member of the New York tri-state branch of the Women’s Leadership Council, you will join a dynamic community of women who are using their commitment to philanthropy to celebrate and support Loyola Marymount University. The Council is an excellent way for women to develop connections with each other and become more connected to the university. WLC@NYC members will have the opportunity to contribute to LMU by:

• Participating in intellectual programs that deepen connections with LMU and our larger community
• Mentoring and networking with students and young alumnae who have moved to the tri-state area
• Engaging with other woman about philanthropy
• Promoting women's contributions and achievements
• Expanding women's financial support of the University

For a recap and to view photos from our inaugural event on March 23, 2011, click here.

Since our launch event in March 2011, we have had two more exciting events in New York! In December 2011, we braved harsh rains and ventured to the Lower East Side to visit the small and mighty Tenement Museum. Holiday toasts followed at Casa Mezcal. To view photos, please click here.

In April 2012, we brought LMU professor Amir Hussain to speak to our group. His topic was "American Muslims: Fact vs. Fiction." To view photos, please click here.

We look forward to more events this year!

To download the application to join WLC@NYC, please click here.

"Our NYC chapter will strengthen bonds with one another, and will increase awareness of women-driven activities and of those making a difference in the LMU community. Our distance will be shorter, our involvement greater."

~ Martina Deignan ’71 and JoAnn Mara Parent ’07, WLC@NYC Co-Chairs (click here to "meet" Martina and JoAnn)