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Lions Celebrate Cultural Diversity at World Fest

LMU is taking part in International Education Week with a variety of events that celebrate diversity and explore social and environmental issues during its World Fest 2010.

International Education Week, celebrated in more than 100 countries worldwide, is a joint initiative of the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of State that aims to highlight the importance and benefits of international education in the United States and around the world. This year’s theme is International Education: Striving for a Sustainable Future. Events on campus during World Fest include film screenings, an international marketplace, musical performances and lectures that encourage students to “Think Globally. Think Culturally. Think Green." World Fest culminates this weekend with the Peace Conference, which will welcome Guatemalan human rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Rigoberta Menchu Tum.

“World Fest strives to address LMU’s mission of education of the whole person by providing opportunities to engage in environmental, cultural, political, social, athletic and artistic events,” says Denise Folga, director of the Office for International Student and Scholars. Folga says that while OISS has celebrated International Education Week since its inception in 2000, in recent years it has increased its efforts to reach out to the LMU community and collaborate with more than 30 departments and student organizations to make the annual event truly campus wide.

Folga says the university’s international student body is currently made up of students from approximately 80 countries and WorldFest is a great opportunity for the community to come together to celebrate cultural diversity. “By participating in these events, members of the LMU community can learn more about and have a deeper appreciation for the world that we all share.”