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Women's Art and Activism Celebrated at Weeklong Forum

Acclaimed poets, actors, sculptors, dancers and other artists gathered at LMU last week for the 2010 Bellarmine Forum, a weeklong collection of performances, discussions and exhibitions centered around a single theme. This year's event, Imagining Equality: Women’s Art and Activism, was the first to focus on women.

Distinguished poet and LMU Professor of English Gail Wronsky organized the 2010 forum to celebrate the ways in which social change has been anticipated and fueled by art, from film to literature to hip-hop and many other forms. “So many women artists never got out of the trenches, and my admiration for them and their work is what led me to volunteer to direct this Bellarmine Forum on women,” Wronsky said. “I am grateful to them, to their supporters, to their critics, to the scholars who analyze their creations, to all the people who pay attention to what they have to say. What they have to say, every one of them, is that women deserve full equal rights and representation around the globe, and that we don’t yet have it.”

Carolyn Forche, one of the nation’s celebrated poets, delivered the keynote address. Other participants included actor and singer Ellen Geer, actor-writer Jude Narita, and Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright and LMU professor Beth Henley, and performance artists The Guerilla Girls among many others.