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Students Find Resources for Success at the ARC

Adjusting to university life and college-level coursework can be tough, but LMU students can find help at LMU’s Academic Resource Center.  Under new leadership, the ARC has expanded its services to offer new forms of academic support in keeping with the future directions of the university.

Subject tutoring and help with writing term papers have always been available at the center.  But this academic year, the ARC is taking a more proactive approach in its focus on support for first- and second-year students, says center Director La’Tonya Rease Miles. “We are doing more outreach to those groups and are partnering with various departments to offer academic support in gateway or core courses, such as general chemistry,” she says.

One of the center’s new programs for 2010 is The Book Festival, a year-long series of academic events related to Rebecca Skloot's "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks," the required text for all 2010 freshmen. The festival is co-sponsored by the Freshman English Program, The William H. Hannon Library and Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts, and its events are designed to bring first-year students together around a common text to encourage thoughtful dialogue and inspire research among them.

Rease Miles says the long-term objective of the ARC is to help students develop responsibility for learning and achieve their educational goals. But the ARC isn’t just for students who need help:  Even “A” students can benefit from a trip to the center.

“Every student can relate to and benefit from our mission,” Rease Miles says. “We also encourage students to consider working in our office as peer tutors.  Our philosophy is that tutoring and mentoring are vehicles of fellowship and service.”

Staff will continue to develop the center's services and resources throughout the year and beyond. They recently unveiled a new website and hope to expand into more web-based support, such as podcasts and tutoring via Skype.

The ARC is located in Daum Hall and is open Monday through Friday for scheduled and walk-in appointments. Visit lmu.edu/arc for more information.