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University Relations
LMU's Greatest Needs (LMU's unrestricted fund)
Parents Fund
Women's Leadership Council

LMU Children's Center

Peg Dolan RSHM Campus Ministry Center
Peg Dolan RSHM Campus Ministry Center, Endowment
Peg Dolan RSHM Campus Ministry Center, Current Use Fund
Sacred Heart Chapel
Ignatian Spirituality Center Fund
Feed The Hungry
Fright Night
De Colores

Friends of the William H. Hannon Library
Frank Sullivan Library Fund
Special Archives
Margaret M. Lower Endowed Memorial Book Fund
William H. Hannon Library (Capital Fund)
Jesuit Rare Book Collection

Alumni Association
African American Alumni Scholarship
African American Alumni Association Program Fund
Alumni for Others Fund
Alumni Spirituality Retreats
LINC TELACU Scholarship
Mexican American Alumni Association Scholarship Program
Mexican American Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship Fund
Mexican American Alumni Association
Profesor Jesus L. Legaspi Scholarship Fund
Rev. Alfred J. Kilp Scholarship
Sr. Raymunde McKay, R.S.H.M. Scholarship
Vistas Alumni Magazine

Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts
Bellarmine College Greatest Needs
Alternative Break Program, Faculty Support
Asian Pacific American Studies
Asian Pacific Studies
Archaeology Department
Atol Charitable Trust Scholarship
BCLA Advisory Board Annual Scholarship
Bellarmine Forum
Bellarmine Student Scholarship Fund
Bioethics Institute
Bookworm Project
The Dorothy and Robert Courtney Scholarship
Craves Endowment in the Bioethics Institute
The Dockweiler Endowed History Scholarship
Doshi Bridgebuilder Award
Economics Department
English Department
Faculty Research and Development Fund
George H. Mayr Endowed Scholarship
Georgianna Atol Memorial Scholarship
History Department
Institute for Leadership Studies
Irish Studies
Irving and Stewart Kessler Memorial Fund
Jewish Ministry
Jewish Studies Endowed Chair
Jewish Studies Program
John and Maria Laffin Scholarship
John J. O'Neill Award for Classics
Lester Memorial Scholarship
Michael E. Engh, S.J. Scholarship
Michael Leahy Scholarship in Humanities
Basil P. Caloyeras Center for Modern Greek Studies
Modern Languages
Otto A. Carabba III Scholarship
Patricia Walsh Award Fund
Peter B. Caloyeras Annual Scholarship
Peter B. Caloyeras Endowed Scholarship
Political Science Department
Psychology Department
RSHM Gailhac Pastoral Leadership Fund
Seidler Bioethics Scholarship
Shannon L. Hamm Award in Theological Studies
Shannon L. Hamm Endowed Award
Sharon Grace Smith Endowed Scholarship
Kamal Shoukry Scholarship in Economics
Singleton Award for Excellence
Sociology Fund
Student Research and Travel Fund
Theology Department
William F. Fitzgerald Scholarship
World War II Studies Award

College of Business Administration
College of Business Greatest Needs
MBA Program
Accounting Department
Asian Programs
KPMG Peat Marwick Scholarship
Deloitte & Touche Scholarship
Ernst & Young Scholarship
PricewaterhouseCoopers Scholarship
MBA Student Scholarship
Center for Ethics and Business
Kenneth Olsen Scholarship Fund
Robert W. Zinn Memorial Scholarship
Francesca Salvo Memorial Scholarship
Brenda Renee Horn Endowed Scholarship
Sr. Martin Byrne Memorial Scholarship
Linkey Booth Green Scholarship
The Entrepreneurial Studies Fund
Paul Grosch Professorship
Center for Asian Business Endowment
Department of Finance and 
Computer Information Systems
Kennedy Family Fund for the Center of Entrepreneurship
Provencio Family Accounting Scholarship
Accounting Alumni Scholarship
College of Business Administration Scholarship Fund
John T. Wholihan Scholarship Fund
Robert J. Emmons Prize
Poladian Endowed Accounting Scholarship
Moss Adams Fellow
Moss Adams Upperclass Scholarship
John Keenan Scholarship
Executive MBA Program
William Brown Memorial Fund
R. Chad Dreier Chair

College of Communication and Fine Arts
College of Communication & Fine Arts Greatest Needs
Adams-Mastrovich Fund for Choral Programs
Andrea K. Friedman Annual Scholarship
Andrea K. Friedman Art Award
Andrea Kingaard Friedman Scholarship
Art and Art History Scholarship
ARTsmart Community Service Project
Center for the Arts
CFA Council Scholarship Fund
Chorus Alumni Fund
Communication Studies Annual Scholarship
Communication Studies Department
Dance Department
Department of Art and Art History
Dolores Mission School Internship Program
Dolores Mission Summer Arts Workshop
Getty Music Scholarship
Grace Swanson Awards of Distinction
J. Terrence Lanni Family Foundation Scholarship Fund
Kalin Hart Talbott Art Scholarships
Laband Art Gallery Endowment Fund
LMU Guitar Series
Loren Garretson Dance Scholarship
Loyola Marymount Communication & Fine Arts Scholarship
Marital and Family Therapy Scholarship
Mary Adams Balmat Scholarship Fund
Marymount Institute for Faith, Culture, 
and the Arts/CFA Scholarship Fund
Maxine Borowsky Junge Endowed Scholarship
Music Department
Nanette Salamunovich Goodman 
Memorial Scholarship Fund
Rev. Richard Trame Memorial Scholarship
Sam Wasson Humanitarian Scholarship
The Helen Landgarten Art Therapy Clinic
Theater Arts
Thomas P. Kelly Student Art 
Gallery/Student Art Cooperative
Virginia Barnelle Scholarship

School of Film & Television
School of Film & Television Greatest Needs
Business of the Business Symposium
Cosgrove Family Scholarship Fund
David William Upham, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund
Film Outside the Frame Festival
Lawrence Family Foundation Scholarship
Mark Kamps Scholarship
School of Film & Television Animation 
Technology and Equipment Fund
SFTV Arts Council Fund
Summer Creative Workshop
Summer Creative Workshop Angel Scholarship

Frank R. Seaver College of Science and Engineering
Seaver College of Science & 
Engineering Greatest Needs
A. Marburg Yerkes/Martha S. Robinson 
Memorial Scholarship
American Society of Civil Engineers
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Andrew L. Hannon Memorial Scholarship
Archbishop Zwijsen Scholarship
Biology Department
Chemistry & Biochemistry Departments
Civil Engr & Env Sci Department
Computer Science Department
Dr. James Foxworthy Scholarship
Dr. Peter J. Haen Scholarship Fund
Eco-Challenge Fund
Edward F. Slattery-Fritz B. Burns 
Engineering Merit Scholarships
Electrical Engineering Department
Elizabeth and Michael Rudinica 
Endowed Prize in Science and Engineering
Howard Towner Memorial Scholarship
Industrial Affiliates Program
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
Jerome J. Korth Award
John B. and Agatha Sclabassi Scholarship
Kadner-Pitts Chair of Research in the Biological Sciences
Mathematics Department
Mechanical Engineering Department
Michael and Maria Geis Memorial Fund
National Society of Black Engineers
Natural Science Gifts
Physics Department
R. Michael Ziegler Scholarship
Science and Engineering Research Facility
Seaver Scholarship Fund
Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
Society of Women Engineers
The Stephen F. and Judy K. Page Science 
and Engineering Scholarship
Verbum Dei Scholarship

School of Education
School of Education Greatest Needs
Anita Finie Scholarship
Bickett-Hubbell SOE Greatest Needs Fund
Catholic Archdiocese School Teachers Program
CE4R Center
Dolores Mission Education Project
John and Dorothy Shea School of Education Fund
Mary Katherine Dasaro Memorial Scholarship
Rose and Donald Steiner Scholarship
Study of Catholic Education
LMU Family of Schools
The ArtsLINK Project
Urban Education
William H. Hannon Foundation Scholarship

Athletic Department
Athletics Facility Enhancement Fund
ADG Conference Center
Betty Werner Memorial Fund
Jim Ryan Memorial Fund
Jordan & Stella Olivar Scholarship
LionsFund for Baseball
LionsFund for Cheer
LionsFund for Crew Program
LionsFund for Men's Basketball
LionsFund for Men's Cross Country
LionsFund for Men's Golf
LionsFund for Men's Soccer
LionsFund for Men's Tennis
LionsFund for Men's Water Polo
LionsFund for Women's Athletics
LionsFund for Women's Basketball
LionsFund for Women's Cross Country
LionsFund for Women's Rowing
LionsFund for Women's Soccer
LionsFund for Women's Softball
LionsFund for Women's Swimming
LionsFund for Women's Tennis
LionsFund for Women's Volleyball
LionsFund for Women's Water Polo
LMU Softball Field
LMU Tennis Court Fund
Mane Deck
Russ Buckley Memorial Athletic Scholarship
Jamie Sanchez Tennis Court
Weber Athletic Scholarship

Student Affairs
Student Affairs Greatest Needs
Asian Pacific Student Services
Belles (Loyola Belles) Service Org
Black Student Union
Career Development Services
Center for Service and Action
Chicano Student Services
Choice Theory Initiative
Crimson Circle Service Org
EMT Program
El Espejo
Ethnic & Intercultural Services
Gryphon Circle Service Org
Guy Bove Scholarship Fund
for Student Leadership
IDEAS Student Organization
Ignations Service Org
Intercultural Award
Intramural Sports Fund
KXLU-FM FundRazor
Lacrosse, Men's Club
LMU Gay Straight Alliance
LMU Greek Life
LMU’s Lambda Pi Eta
LMU Leadership Institute
The Loyolan Merit Scholarship
The Loyolan, general use fund
Magis Service Org
Marians Service Org
Na Kolea Hawaiian Club
Office of Black Student Services
Office for International Students
& Scholars
ROAR Network
Rugby Men's Club
Sankofa Society
Shin Kanarazu Daiko
Soccer Men's Club
Soccer Women's Club
Special Games, Current Use Fund
Special Games, Robert Engh 
Memorial Endow. Fund
Student Affairs Diversity Fund
Student Counseling Center Fund
Student Leadership & Development Fund
Student Affairs, Mission & Identity
Student Worker Program
Surf Club
Sursum Corda Service Org
The Learning Community at LMU
Underwings Praxis
Upward Bound Program
Volleyball Men's Club

Academic Miscellaneous
Student Scholarship Fund
AAUW Santa Monica Bay 
Area Chapter Scholarship
Alpha Delta Gamma 
Endowed Scholarship
Ahmanson Scholarship
Alpha Sigma Nu Scholarship
Asian Pacific Scholarship
Carrie Estelle Doheny Found. Scholarship
Casassa Chair of Social Values
Catholic Filmmakers' Showcase
Center for Global Education
Center for Religion & Spirituality Fund
Chancellor Scholarship Program
Chris Boschetto Scholarship
Class of 1956 Legacy Scholarship
Class of 1972 Alumni Scholarship
Class of 1993 Scholarship Fund
Denise L. Scott Memorial Fund
Denise Scott Memorial
Downs-Pike Fund
Dr. Stanley H. Chan Memorial Scholarship
Encore Program
Fr. William J. Fulco, S.J. Balanced 
Living Scholarship
Financial Aid Office Memorial Scholarship
Fritz Burns Foundation Scholarship 
for Students w/Academic Promise
Fritz Burns Foundation Scholarship 
for Students w/Financial Need
George Ellis Brown Memorial Fund
Gerard Parent Scholarship Fund
Gloria Delaney Memorial Fund
Graduate Student Scholarships
Granberg Family Scholarship
Heintzelman Scholarship
Herbert E. Darling III 
Memorial Scholarship
Jesuit Community Scholarship Fund
Jesuit Legacy Endowment Fund
John A. Pfaffinger Memorial Fund
Joseph Family Foundation Scholarship
Kilroy Foundation International Scholars
Leavey Center for the Study of Los Angeles
Lewis A. Kingsley Scholarship
LMU Endowed Scholarship Fund
LMU Honors Program
Los Angeles Philanthropic 
Foundation Scholarship
Mabel Wilson Richards Scholarship
Margaret Tritle Rome Scholarship Fund
Marymount Institute 
for Faith, Culture & The Arts
Michael J. Levis Scholarship
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Daze, Sr. Scholarship
Murray C. Upstill Scholarship Fund
Paul G. Feit Memorial Scholarship
Rev. James J. Markey, S.J. Mem. Fund
Robert and Lois Atherton Scholarship
Shirley Riley Scholarship
Sr. Raymunde McKay Memorial Fund
Student Financial Aid
Study Abroad Scholarships
Thomas Larkin Jr. 
Saint Mary's Academy Scholarship
Wilson Family Scholarship