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We Need You! 

As the class of 2013 Senior Class Gift Committee
, we ask that SENIORS consider designating your gift to one of more than 300 areas at LMU which supports scholarships, faculty, and student life. 

If you need more encouragement, think about this:

  • Our friends who wouldn’t have been able to attend LMU without the scholarships they received.
  • The one professor that has encouraged and challenged you to be a better person and added to LMU’s mission to educate the whole person. 
  • How LMU has actualized its mission through the various service opportunities that have helped make not only the Los Angeles community a better place, but also various parts of the country and the world.
  • Gifts to all areas of the university (Clubs, LionsFund- Athletics, Academic Departments, the William H. Hannon Library, etc.) count toward the Class of 2013 Senior Class Gift total. 

By making your gift to LMU, you are not only affirming your belief in the mission, but you are investing in your degree.

Facts of Giving

How Does LMU's alumni giving rate compare to other schools and why is it important?

Your gift can have a direct impact on LMU's national ranking in U.S. News & World Report, which factors alumni giving into its formula for identifying the best colleges in the nation. Increased alumni support has a direct and positive impact on LMU's ranking because when alumni give back, it shows that the university was worth giving back to! The higher LMU's ranking, the more valuable a Loyola Marymount University degree is to all alumni.

Why should I give?

If you have participated in one of the many programs that support the LMU experience and are possible because of gifts to the university, then give back!

*To see a complete list of where your gift can go, click on "Designate Your Gift" in the column to the left.

What is Senior Walk? 

Senior Walk is a pathway in Sunken Garden from Regent’s Terrace to Sacred Heart Chapel.  On that path you may have seen circular plaques with a class year and maybe even a lion.  These plaques are here to recognize the dedication of each LMU SENIOR who has been a part of the Senior Class Gift.  If a SENIOR class manages to reach a higher percentage of participation than the class before, they receive a lion on the plaque.  These plaques simply recognize the percentage of SENIORS who donated.

Why does LMU need my money? Don't we have a big endowment? Haven't I paid enough in tuition?

LMU is funded by five major sources: tuition, contracts, grants, other business ventures, and donations. Tuition covers only a part of the cost of an LMU education. And, unlike some of our peers, LMU's endowment currently does not generate the income required to meet the immediate needs of our students. Therefore, we rely on gifts to The Fund for LMU to fill the gap as we continue to build our endowment.  Gifts from you make the difference!

What will my money be used for?

If a gift isn't directed to one of the areas listed in the "Designate Your Gift" section, then your money will be used to fund student activities, provide financial aid, or support faculty.  Trying to funnel everyone into the same gift is not what LMU has traditionally encouraged people to do.  Each individual had a unique experience here and is urged to give back where they see fit.

Can I do this later? 

Yes, but there is never any time better than the present. Traditionally, the Senior Banquet and Ball has been the time to make your gift, but if you donate now, we'll stop asking you for a gift this year. All gifts that count toward the Senior Class Gift campaign must be received by May 31, 2013.

Is this important?

YES!!!  Your participation is so important because when foundations and corporations are deciding whether to award LMU grants, they look at the number of alumni and family members who contribute to the Annual Fund as a factor to help them make their decisions. So a gift from you would actually translate into potentially helping LMU receive millions of dollars!

*Don't see what you're looking for? E-mail adrian.cuevas@lmu.edu to find out if you can designate your gift to another fund, activity or program.