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Canceling Housing

The Student Housing Office is committed to providing an on campus living experience that enhances and contributes to a student’s academic success. When applying for on campus housing, every student electronically acknowledges the terms and conditions of the License Agreement, which is a legally binding document effective for the entire academic year. If a student wishes to cancel his/her housing assignment or request any type of exception to the terms outlined in the license agreement, then he/she must complete the "Request to Cancel Housing" form found in the "My Housing" tab of Student Housing Online Services via MyLMU. Please review the information below for the method of requesting to cancel your housing assignment which best applies to you.

Approved Cancellation Reasons

Students may cancel their on campus housing assignment using the “Request to Cancel Housing” form for one of the approved reasons listed below:

1. Withdrawal from the university
2. Leave of absence from the university
3. Graduate from the university
4. Study abroad
5. Judicial removal from University housing
6. Transfer out of the university

Non-Approved Cancellation Reasons/Appeal Request Process

If a student does not meet the previously listed approved reasons for canceling housing, s/he may appeal to cancel his/her housing using the “Request to Cancel Housing” form due to extenuating and/or unique circumstances. In this instance, it is the responsibility of the student to explicitly and clearly present a case demonstrating why s/he should receive an exception to the terms and conditions of the License Agreement and not live in University housing. Students must show that they are facing extraordinary circumstances beyond his/her control which were not present when the agreement was signed and whose situation cannot be accommodated within the housing system. Or, students and/or the student’s financial providers must show that they are facing a sudden and unexpected change in financial circumstances that are beyond their control.

Appealing to cancel one’s on campus housing is often the last resort students should undertake. Students are encouraged to speak with their Resident Advisor and/or Resident Director before submitting the “Request to Cancel Housing” form because the student’s concern can often be accommodated within the university housing system, therefore making the appeals process unnecessary. The appeals process is only for those students whose concerns are so great that they cannot be accommodated within the university’s housing system. See Things To Consider Before Submitting an Appeal to Cancel Housing below for more information.

Each appeal is reviewed on an individual basis. Unique circumstances may exist and the paperwork provided by the student should support the student’s claim. All requests are reviewed by the Student Housing Appeals Board and a written response is usually sent to the student within seven business days. During the academic year, students are given the option to meet with the Student Housing Appeals Board. Decisions issued by the Student Housing Appeals Board are final.

Things To Consider Before Submitting an Appeal to Cancel Housing

If you do not meet one of the approved reasons for cancelling your housing assignment and you plan to submit an appeal to cancel your housing assignment, consider these items first.

  • Speak with your Resident Advisor and/or Resident Director about your concern(s) and discuss solutions that can be found within the Student Housing system. The Appeals Board will often recommend a relocation of housing assignment before a release from the License Agreement.
  • Meet with representatives from other on campus departments that may be able to find a solution to your concern. For example, if you have a medical condition that is best treated with a specific style of building/room, you should speak with the Disability Support Services Office. In some instances, the Appeals Board will often recommend that you seek accommodations from another department that will make your on campus housing assignment comfortable again.
  • Schedule a meeting to meet and discuss your case with a member of the Appeals Board. This is an opportunity for you to share your concern and see if your case is ready for the Appeals Board. This may save you time and energy by finding a solution on campus.
  • The Appeals Board does not recommend removing your belongings from your assignment or signing a lease with an off campus unit until you have been approved for a release from the License Agreement by the Appeals Board. You may not be granted a release from the License Agreement, in which case you may then find you are simultaneously bound to the on campus License Agreement and the off campus lease.
  • The University has established a refund schedule that offers percentage amounts refunded if you are released from the License Agreement. The date of release directly correlates to when your case is approved and when you complete all paperwork with the Student Housing Office. If you present a case that you have not adequately prepared for, meaning you have not considered the suggestions above, you may not be released from the License Agreement or you may be released at a much later date than you anticipated, thereby receiving a smaller refund amount.