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2009 Competition Details

This year’s competition will feature a competitive selection process for determining the top 30 teams who will present at the 11th Annual National Intercollegiate Business Ethics Competition in Los Angeles. Included as part of the registration process, teams will be asked to complete an Admission Application by February 2, 2009. Details of the Admission Application can be found at the bottom of this page. Teams with the highest score on the Admission Application will present in 2009. Please continue to check our website frequently for updates. 

Schools may send only one team. In certain cases, teams will be exempt from the competitive admission process. For example, if a school has an internal competition, if participation in the competition is a required element of a course, if students have to go through a rigorous selection process in order to be chosen for membership on the team, etc. Interested schools who might qualify should contact us as soon as possible in order to clarify the situation.

Because of logistical, budgetary, and safety concerns, we are suspending the 5k/10k race for 2009.  We hope to resolve these matters shortly and bring the race back in 2010.

Accordingly, we will not be having a biathlon competition and we will be having some team presentations held on Saturday morning. 

Click on each form for more information and a template.

Team Registration Form

Admission Application Form

Executive Summary Example

Banquet Team RSVP Form


Important Dates and Deadlines:

February 2

    Team Registration Form Due 
    Admission Application Due 
Financial Aid Requests Due

February 15

    Announcement of Advancing 30 Teams

March 27

    Executive Summaries Due                      

March 30 - April 3      LMU Intramural Round 1
April 3     Team Powerpoints Due
April 6-7     LMU Intramural Round 2
April 6

    Banquet Team RSVP Form Due

April 10     Essays Due (optional)
April 16-18     National Intercollegiate Preliminary Round
April 18

    Final Round, Awards Ceremony, and Banquet