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Young Presidential Associates (YPAs) are successful young alumni in their first decade from graduation who share the bond of philanthropically supporting LMU while participating in various social and networking events. Through the Fund for LMU, YPAs’ collective support annually exceeds $42,000 and is directed all over campus including LMU’s Greatest Needs, Schools and Colleges, LionsFund (Athletics), Center for Service and Action, Scholarships, Greek Life, and Campus Ministry just to name a few.

It is through the gifts and leadership of these members that LMU is able to enrich the campus environment, attract diverse and talented students, and recruit and retain distinguished faculty. For one year after your May graduation, Senior YPA donors are invited to various Presidential Donor events, as well as additional events that are exclusively for YPAs to enjoy as young alumni leaders.

Senior YPA minimum donation level is $100 by May 31st.

Why donate?

In general, most Senior's choose to donate at the YPA level for one, or a combination, of the following three reasons:

  • You were a leader here at LMU and/or want to be a leader as an alumnus/a.
  • You are interested in the career and social networking opportunities both with other YPAs and with leaders of LMU’s community of donors.
  • You love LMU and sincerely desire to philanthropically give back to this institution that has given you so much.