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  • TBD, Director of Student Housing

Resident Services

Residence Life

  • Lorianne Harrison-Reyes, Acting Associate Director for Residence Life, Leavey 6 Apartments 
  • Dino Entac, Assistant Director for Resident Ministry and Leadership, Hannon and Tenderich Apartments, & 8000 and 8001 Houses
  • Dionne Simmons, Assistant Director for Residence Life, Judicial
  • Briana Maturi, Assistant Director for Residence Life
  • Jeneane King, Acting Assistant Director for Residence Life
  • Bradley Smith, MyEdge, Student Affairs Coordinator

Resident Directors

Resident Ministers

Faculty in Residence

  • Thomas Ward, Ph.D, Professor of Philosophy, Del Rey North Hall
  • Erin Stackle, Ph.D, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Rains Hall
  • Eric Strauss, Ph.D, Presidential Professor of Biology, Leavey 4/O'Malley Apartments

Faculty Fellows

  • Susan Scheibler, Ph.D, Associate Professor, School of Film and Television, McKay Hall
  • La'Tonya Rease Miles, Ph.D, Professor of English, Director of Academic Resource Center, McCarthy Hall
  • Anton Smith, Ph.D, American Culture Studies Teaching Fellow, Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts, Del Rey South Hall
  • Kathleen Harris, Director, National and International Scholarship Office, East Quad (Sullivan, Huesman and Doheny Halls)