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Team Competition Resources

Included are some examples of possible topics. The possibilities are virtually endless. Any topic related to business and ethics is acceptable. It is allowable to use published cases, although judges tend to respond more favorably to current issues. 

Executive Summary Form
The executive summary is due by March 27. A form is provided for you to fill out and email. Please read and follow the following instructions carefully:

The executive summary should include: the names of the speakers; an outline of your presentation; and a one or two paragraph summary of the content of your talk. You should be summarizing your argument, not simply describing the issue you're discussing. Identify which particular group your audience should imagine themselves as (senior managers, etc.). See "Executive Summary Example" below for an example.

Open the following document, Executive Summary Form, and follow these instructions:

1. You simply open the file, click on the “highlight fields” box in the top right corner.

2. Use the “select” tool to place your cursor in the first highlighted field and start typing.

3. Hit the tab button on your keyboard to type in the next field and fill out each field accordingly.

a) Type your University name in the first highlighted field.

b) Type your team member’s names, classifications (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior) and majors in the appropriate text fields.

c) Type your Advisor’s or Advisors’ name(s) in the appropriate text field.

d) Type your topic and type your audience in the appropriate text field(s).

e) You should type out your outline and summary under the words “Executive Summary” on the form. There is a second blank page text field for the summary, should you need it.

4. After you are finished resave the file with your University name followed by "Graduate" or "Undergraduate" as the file name (File: Save As…You will want to pay attention to where you save the file). An example would be:  UniversityofKansasGraduate.pdf

5. Then email the resaved file as an attachment to Garo Gharibian at Garo.Gharibian@lmu.edu, with the subject line reading “Executive Summary”.

6. If you are unable to resave the file please copy and paste the text into a word document (do not worry about copying anything but your text information) and send as an attachment to Garo Gharibian at Garo.Gharibian@lmu.edu.

Executive Summary Example
       •  Executive Summary Form Filled Out Correctly 

Video tapes of the top presentations from previous competitions
are available online. Additional video resources are available in the LMU library. We will be happy to send copies of tapes to prospective teams at other institutions.

Video Transcriptions
Transcriptions from the GNC Presentation and Question and Answer session (LMU 2002) are available for review. Professor Thomas White has made comments on both transcriptions. The comments are provided to help teams and judges prepare for the competition. 

2007 Judging Form
The 2007 judging form should be used as a guideline.