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The mission of the College of Business Administration is to educate for ethical leadership. Education for ethical leadership is fostering the development of a frame of mind which encourages people to learn to take action, to motivate others, to achieve results through others, to learn from mistakes, and to take responsibility for organizing scarce resources to achieve desired results. Education for ethical leadership is not just teaching about ethics and leadership as disciplines. It is encouraging people to observe, to think, to learn, and then to perform as ethical leaders in any business function or activity, at any level. It is teaching people to look for opportunities in which to demonstrate their leadership skills and potentials. It is encouraging leaders to be of service to others.

Essential to that Mission are the following principles, describing the competencies and perspectives we believe necessary to prepare our graduates for effective ethical leadership.

Statement of Principles
Consistent with the values and mission of Loyola Marymount University, the College of Business Administration strives to produce both undergraduate and graduate business alumni who have an integrated understanding of business principles and the following competencies and perspectives necessary for effective ethical leadership:

· A recognition of the need for and the application of ethical systems and individual responsibility.

· Effective interpersonal, communication, and technology skills.

· Critical-thinking skills, including the ability to identify and solve problems effectively, work in teams, and apply business theories to real-world situations and make strategic and tactical decisions.

· Specific professional competencies in an area or areas of choice such as accounting, finance, marketing, management, computer information systems and international business.

· An understanding of domestic and global institutions and markets.

· An appreciation of and preparation for life-long learning.