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Scenario: Non-Guaranteed Students With High Numbers

Shawn and his three friends will be juniors next year so they are not guaranteed housing.  By forming a group of four, they gave themselves four chances at drawing a low enough number to get housing.  During the drawing, Shawn drew #433, Carlos drew #1164, Tim drew #560, and Derrick drew #710.  Unfortunately, none of their numbers were low enough to get an appointment time.  They are placed on a waitlist according to their individual numbers. Shawn becomes #433 on the waitlist, Carlos becomes #1164, etc.  During the summer, Shawn is assigned housing when a student cancels his Leavey 5 room assignment so Shawn decides to live on campus while the rest of his former group continues to wait on the waitlist or search for housing off campus.

Later that week, Shawn's former group members Carlos, Tim, and Derrick find an apartment off-campus. They each fill out the online cancelation form found in Student Housing Online Services to cancel their request and be taken off the waitlist.  Since they canceled before they were assigned, they each had the $400 housing processing fee credited to their student accounts.

If Shawn decides to cancel his on-campus housing assignment in order to live with his friends, he must do so before the deadline and he will forfeit the $400 processing fee because he has already been assigned on-campus housing.