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Scenario: Guaranteed students enter drawing

Anne and her best friend Suzy are both guaranteed housing and decide to form a roommate group. Anne draws #120 and Suzy draws #685. They will receive an appointment time based on Anne's #120 since it is the lower number of the two. Once the drawing results are posted, Anne and Suzy log back in to their online application and find out that their appointment is at 4:45 pm on Tuesday. Unfortunately, Suzy has class on Tuesdays and cannot make the appointment.  She and Anne can wait until they are both free after her class and choose a room together. If Suzy is the group leader, Anne must wait for Suzy to choose a room because only the group leader can choose a room for the group. If Anne is the group leader, she may log in at the appointment time and choose a room both she and Suzy agree on.