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Scenario: Non-Guaranteed Students and Guaranteed Students Who Want to Live Together

Betty and Wilma will be sophomores and they desperately want to live with Lavern and Shirley, who will be juniors next year. Since Betty and Wilma are guaranteed housing while Lavern and Shirley are not, they are unable to form a group of four and enter the process together. Instead, the two guaranteed students form a group and go through the process together, while Lavern and Shirley form a separate group of their own. Lavern and Shirley are anxious about the drawing because they know that if they do not get housing, they either will not be able to live with Betty and Wilma, or the four of them will need to find housing off campus(and Betty and Wilma will each lose their $400 processing fee). They are relieved when Shirley draws a low number, and the two groups receive appointment times that are separated by only 3 hours. They come in to the Student Housing Office together for Room Selection at the later of their appointment times and are able to choose from some limited options.

PLEASE NOTE: You'll notice from this example that there is a way for sophomores to live with juniors or seniors, but the logistics are somewhat complicated. We recommend that you speak with someone in the Student Housing Office if you are exploring this option.

Rising sophomores who are looking to live with juniors or seniors just to increase their chances of living in apartments are likely to be disappointed. For every mixed group that ends up in an apartment, there must be another mixed group assigned to the suites or other sophomore options.  Also, notice that the students could not enter as a group of four and are therefore less likely to draw lower numbers. This option is not always available; it is strictly based on space availability.