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Fire Policies and Guidelines

Use these simple guidelines to help prevent fires and accidents.

  • No open flames of any type.
  • Do no burn candles or incense.  Unlit candles may be used for decorative purposes only.
  • No possession of combustible chemicals.
  • Multiple ("octopus") electrical adapters and undergoing electrical appliances are allowed in University housing facilities.
  • Halogen lamps are not permitted in Student Housing residences.
  • Barbecues are permitted 25 feet from the building.
  • Do not smoke in bed or leave electrical appliances unattended.
  • Do no throw cigarettes or matches in wastebaskets.  Extinguish them only in ashtrays.
  • Use only UL-approved electrical appliances.
  • Make certain that Christmas trees and materials that are used for decorating purposes are fire proof.

Procedures on Reporting a Fire

In all cases when an employee, student, or visitor becomes aware of a fire, the Fire Department must be called immediately.  Activate the fire alarm in the building, and proceed to the nearest safe location.  Call Public Safety at x222.

Have the following information ready:

  • The name of the building.
  • Location of the fire within the building
  • A description of the fire, and if known, how it started.
  • The phone number or extension that you are calling from.
  • DO NOT hang up until you are told to do so
  • If you call "911" first, your MUST also call Public Safety at x222 and notify them that you have already called the Fire Department.
  • Evacuation Procedures:

    • Public Safety will respond to the scene after they are contacted.  They are there to assist in the evacuation of people to strategic locations; meet the Fire Department, and to direct them to the proper location.
    • When the buildings fire alarm sounds or an emergency exists, quickly walk to the nearest marked safe exit and encourage others to do likewise.
    • Use the stairwells to exit the building, not the elevators.
    • Once outside, move to a safe area and keep clear of all fire lanes, hydrants, and walkways for emergency crews and vehicles.
    • DO NOT return to an evacuated building until Public Safety or the Fire Department gives the "ALL CLEAR" signal.
    • The Uniform Fire Code requires fires in educational intuitions be reported to the fire department, regardless of size or damage.  Notify Public Safety in the event of ANY fire.
    • IMPORTANT: After an evacuation, report missing persons to Public Safety.